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CPS Tutoring, founded in 1988, was the first private company of its kind in Quebec. Our record of tutoring thousands of students across Quebec is testament to the quality of our services and is recommended by education and healthcare professionals. We are committed to always providing unparalleled services to all our customers. Our tutors are professionals passionate about teaching.


“We used the services of CPS Tutoring because our son had several difficulties in school. CPS Tutoring met our needs and the chosen tutor was a good match for our son. We obtained the intended results: a better understanding of the academic concepts, completed homework and most especially, a reduced stress level for both us parents and for our son.”

“The CSP Tutoring services were an asset and a major help in the education of my son. They listen to your child’s needs and have quality staff. CPS Tutoring also takes your child’s temperament into consideration to find the best tutor. I highly recommend CSP Tutoring. It is not only a support for your child, but also for parents. ”

“CPS Tutoring has been a great help for my son who has a lexical processing deficit and suffers from great anxiety. Since primary school we have used the services of CPS Tutoring and my son is now in secondary 5 and is doing very well. He has been very well supported by competent and passionate people. ”

“I very much appreciate the services received from CPS Tutoring. The tutor was able to develop a bond of trust with our child. She uses different techniques to facilitate her learning and her tutoring is adapted to our daughter’s needs. In addition, the service is very flexible which greatly helps our family logistically. ”

“I recommend without hesitation the services of CPS Tutoring to all parents wishing to help their child in their academic success. This made a very big difference in the success of my two children in both enriched math and science.”

“The support that my son receives from his tutor greatly contributes to his academic success. Beyond the support our tutor provides, he has succeeded in building a relationship that makes working periods enjoyable. We are very satisfied with the services of CPS Tutoring.”

“We really like the services of CPS Tutoring. It’s very easy for parents and my daughter really likes her tutor who finds fun ways to help her progress.”

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