5 Signs Your Child May Need Tutoring

5 Signs Your Child May Need Tutoring - CPS Tutoring

School challenges students in various ways, and it is certainly not unusual for children and teens to struggle with school-related tasks such as homework, exam preparation, specific subjects, organization and many more. Tutoring can often help with these challenges, but how to know whether it would be a good choice to address your child’s academic needs?

Let’s discuss some key signs that your child could benefit from tutoring.

1. Lack of organization

A child who is struggling with organization will have trouble getting started on a task until the very last minute. They will hand in assignments late or even forget to hand them in at all. They will have difficulty planning when to study for an exam and will often rush through their work, rather than intentionally working through specific steps. A lack of organization affects all aspects of a child’s academics and is a sure sign that a tutor would be helpful. Even if their grades are average or high, a tutor can assist students when it comes to a student’s approach to school, helping with planning, study methods, boosting motivation and reminding students to slow down.

2) Slipping grades

Grades that are slipping is often one of the first noticeable signs that a student is having difficulty in school. A lower exam grade here and there is not too concerning, but downward trends and consistently low grades in a specific subject are clear signals that intervention is needed. A tutor can help in a specific subject such as math or French by reviewing material with the student and making sure they have grasped the necessary concepts before moving forward. Furthermore, a tutor can help pinpoint exactly where the breakdown is happening: perhaps it is the subject matter itself, or perhaps it is a lack of attention in the classroom. Once the cause is identified, the tutor can tailor their approach to boost student grades.

3) Low self-confidence

Low self-confidence in school is common in students who have struggled with their studies over a lengthy period. Consistent failure often leads students to become ‘learned-helpless’, a state where they begin to believe that they are simply bad in school,  nothing they do will change the outcome, and there is no point to putting in the effort needed to achieve their goals. Tutors are equipped to assist students to set and achieve short-term goals, helping to increase student self-confidence over time.

4) Asking lots of questions…and you feel unable to help

In general when students ask lots of questions, it’s a good thing! It means they are curious and engaged. But if a child is often asking many questions during homework, parents may not always feel equipped or confident to answer their child’s schoolwork questions for any number of valid reasons. Tutors are a great way to provide general homework help for students. A tutor can assist with homework help at all levels and will use a flexible approach, working on the most pressing tasks of the day during homework time.

5) Sudden change in routine

Any type of significant change in a child’s life can have an impact on their academics. Perhaps there was a recent move, or mom or dad’s work schedule has changed and they have less time to help with schoolwork. Or perhaps, as we are living now, there is a pandemic requiring students to adjust to a variety of changes such as remote learning, changes in how students are evaluated or cancelation of extra curricular activities. Tutoring can be a way to re-introduce consistency in a student’s life by scheduling  sessions on the same day and at the same time on a weekly basis.

You may notice that one or more of these circumstances apply to your child. So, what now?

Consider trying tutoring to support your child with their academic needs.

Today’s families are very busy and juggling multiple schedules can be difficult.  But modern tutoring is flexible!  It can occur in your home, or you can opt for online tutoring, which is a great for families who are just cannot accommodate a tutor at home.

Whether at home or online, tutoring can provide a significant boost to your child’s academic and personal well-being.

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