Sit Up Straight with your Shoulders Back!

Sit Up Straight with your Shoulders Back! - Tutor CPS

Can posture really influence our sense of self? A recent study published in the journal School Psychology International” found simple modifications in how students sit can have an impact on how they rate their self-confidence in school. 

The researchers explain that the relationship between posture and how we feel works both ways; how we feel affects our posture, but the posture we choose can also influence how we feel!  

As the article mentions, children as young as 5 years old can interpret the posture of others. This interpretation can help students from primary school age onwards to understand that improving their posture can also improve their level of self-confidence.  In the study, 4th grade students who used a “power posture” or open posture scored higher on self-esteem and were in a better mood than peers who had their heads down with their arms folded in front of them.  

Importantly, the effects of open posture dissipated over time, so students may need encouragement and reminders to reset to an open posture in the classroom or during a tutoring session. 

Here is a short, student-friendly TED-Ed video with other helpful tips to help boost confidence: